What All You Need to Carry for Trekking?

Hi again folks! Hope you all had a nice team over the weekend. Well for me, it was just another awesome way to end a hectic week. I cannot wait to let you lovely people know that I was on my 22nd trekking trip past weekend.

So it was myself, along with 3 of my besties. Our gang has been planning to embark upon the Singalila Trek ever since we came to know about this magnificent trekking route in Darjeeling.

Trekking Route Darjeeling

Trekking Route Darjeeling | Image Resource : trekkerspointindarjeeling.blogspot.in

We started early Saturday morning at around 8.30 and completed the trek late afternoon. It was an enjoyable experience. Along with being an exciting one, we also made sure that we take necessary precautions for the trek to turn into a safe and sound one.

Our safety gear for trekking and standard equipments have a major role to play in the success of our Singalila Trek. As a trekking enthusiast, I would therefore like to list out some useful tips for safe trekking.

Firstly folks, keep in mind that you pack in useful items. Just stick to including essentials as you wouldn’t want your backpack to be so heavy that you exhaust half way through.

In the Clothing Department, make sure you carry –

  • Two sets of inner shirt made of either wool or synthetics.
  • Lightweight fleece sweater or equivalent windcheater.
  • A pair of trousers – preferably lightweight yet strong and durable.
  • Waterproof trousers and jacket.
  • Hiking-friendly boots made up of leather or mixed leather and nylon with robust sole.
  • A pair of mittens.
  • Two or three pairs of socks, preferably woollen.
Trekking Windcheater

Trekking Windcheater | Image Resource : wildcraft.in/Products/Wildcraft-Shop-Gear–Apparel-Clothing-Jackets/Wildcraft/Husky-Jkt-Thermo-Wmen-Grp-/pid-5714160.aspx

Trekking equipments –

  • Insulated mattress, preferably inflatable camping mat.
  • Good quality sleeping bag that is both warm and light.
  • Backpack of apt size that will carry your food, clothing, and other equipments during the trek.
  • One or two walking sticks.
  • A pocket-knife.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and other sun protection gear.
  • Personal hygiene products like towel, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste etc.
  • Camera with new batteries preferably.
Trekking Walking Sticks

Trekking Walking Sticks | Image Resource : butterfield.com/trip/vietnam-walking

Finally, make sure that you only carry things that you would actually be needing up there. Don’t try to fit in every other thing that you see!


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