My Train Travel By Dhauli Express – A Pleasant Journey to Kolkata

In our busy day to day lives we get tired of the monotonous events that keep taking place day in and day out. It is always a pleasure to manage a holiday and leave for a trip. Being a Civil Engineer, I do get to visit a lot of places. However, due to the pressure of work, I do not always end up visiting the nearby tourist attractions. The stressful life of an engineer demands for a break once in a while. I decided to visit Kolkata, the erstwhile capital of India, during my last trip. My train travel by Dhauli Express was the start to a memorable tour. Having packed all my stuff well in advance, I reached the Puri station well in time to board the Dhauli Express. Soon after, the train was allotted a platform and I boarded it.

Dhauli Express

Dhauli Express | Image Resource :

My fellow passengers were a group of college students from Bengal who had come to Puri on a trip. It was good that I got to meet them as it helped me to spend the whole journey chatting with them. We had our lunch an hour after boarding the train. The weather was pleasant outside and I was hoping that my trip would turn out to be a really enjoyable one. The college students were having their inter semester break and had planned this trip. On enquiring them about their tour, they told me that they had really enjoyed themselves in Puri. I asked them about the places I must visit upon reaching Kolkata even though I had researched about it a bit. As they gave their suggestions I jotted them down. I also asked about the famous restaurants in the city and their special items.

Time seemed to fly away with fun and frolic. The train reached Howrah station well on schedule. I took a taxi to my hotel. I had booked a room ay Hotel Crestwood for myself. The city of Kolkata seemed to welcome me with open hands.


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