Victoria Memorial Kolkata – A Landmark of the City

Victoria Memorial Kolkata is one of the landmarks of the City of Joy. That is precisely the reason why I decided to visit this place at first. I woke up quite fresh after a good night’s sleep. It was a bright sunny day with a pleasant wind blowing. Winter season in Kolkata is very comfortable as the weather is cool. The car arranged by the hotel staffs had arrived well on time. I got ready and had a hearty breakfast in the café of the hotel. It was a feeling meal at an affordable price. Then I started off for Victoria Memorial. After a quick ride through the heart of the city, I reached the Victoria Memorial.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Kolkata | Image Resource :

The gates had just opened then and the premises was relatively empty. The beautiful marble building is a sheer delight to the eye. Being an avid photographer, I took a lot of photos of the building as well as of the garden surrounding it. There were a lot of seasonal flowers in full bloom in the garden. It was a great feeling to be there. The marble building of the memorial was looking heavenly under the bright morning sun. I hired a guide to take me around the memorial. He told me about the historical importance of the place. The then Viceroy of India Lord Curzon had suggested the building of a memorial after the passing away of Queen Victoria in January 1901. The Memorial was opened to the public from 1921. The architect of the beautiful marble building of the Memorial was William Emerson.

Kolkata Victoria Memorial

Kolkata Victoria Memorial | Image Resource :

The Angel of Victory on top of the central dome is one of the main features of the building. There are a number of allegorical sculptures surrounding the building. There are many similarities of Victoria Memorial Kolkata with the TajMahal in Agra. Inside the Memorial there are a number of galleries where a lot of exhibitions are held. I learnt a lot of things about the British period from the exhibitions. It was time for me to get back to start towards my next destination, Sunderbans National Park.


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