Kalighat Temple Kolkata – Abode of Peace

The next destination of my travel itinerary was the famous Kali Temple in the Kalighat suburb of Kolkata.  It is believed that the city of Kolkata got its present name from the word Kalighat. Temples always fascinates me, especially ancient ones; that’s the main reason I added Kalighat Temple Kolkata in my ‘must see’ places’ list. The temple is located on the banks of Adi Ganga canal and I had no difficulty reaching there. Every citizen of Kolkata knows about this holy temple. As per Hindu religious scripts this temple is one among the 51 “Shakti Peethas”.

Kalighat Temple Kolkata

Kalighat Temple Kolkata | Image Resource : picasaweb.google.com

The temple building is an excellent piece of temple architecture and speaks the glory of ancient Indian craftsmanship. It attracts millions of pilgrims every year who flock to the temple for the fulfillment of their prayers and desires. As I entered the temple I saw hundreds of devotees chanting ‘mantras’ in the name of Goddess Kali. The whole atmosphere was so divine and peaceful that I tend to forget my own problems of life. The sacred spot of Sosthi Tala is a rectangular altar which is three feet high with three stones placed side by side representing Goddesess Sosthi, Sitola and Mongol Chandi respectively.

Kalighat Temple With Bazaar

Kalighat Temple With Bazaar | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

There is one thing which I found to be quite unique about the temple, all the priests are female.  It took me for a surprise as I have never seen such practiced in my hometown temples. I decided to have a good look at the idol image from “Natmondir” which is a covered platform built next to the main temple. After a prolong “Darshan” of Goddess Kali, I moved ahead to the Radha-Krishna temple and Shiva Temple situated inside the temple premises.

Towards the south eastern part of Kalighat Temple Kolkata there is a sacred tank which is believed to have the power to bestow the boon of a child to childless couples. As photography was not allowed inside, the moment I came out I took my Digital camera and took pictures of beautiful temple. With loads of snaps, memories and peace of mind I left the temple to my next destination.


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