Beauty at its best – Marble Palace Kolkata

After spending an unforgettable time at the Kalighat temple, I hired a taxi to my next destination of my schedule, the Marble Palace Kolkata. I had heard a lot about this 19th century splendid mansion located in the heart of North Kolkata. So I was desperate to witness one of those rare buildings which spoke about the glorious history of Kolkata. I had obtained a free entry permit 24 hours prior to the visit from the State tourism board. I was lucky not to visit on a Monday or Thursday as the palace is closed on these two days of the week.

Marble Palace Kolkata

Marble Palace Kolkata | Image Resource :

I reached the palace in less than an hour from the temple and the first thing which came into mind when I saw the palace was, awesome. The white colored walls and pillars made of marble truly justified its name. History says that a wealthy Bengali businessman called Raja Rajendra Mullick built this enormous structure in 1835.

Buddha Of Suburbia At Marble Palace

Buddha Of Suburbia At Marble Palace | Image Resource :

I decided to take a stroll around the palace to witness lush green gardens and open courtyard which were worth for photographs. As I was informed that photography is banned inside the palace I took back to back snaps of the outer part of the Palace which included rock garden, a small zoo and a lake. The zoo is known to be the oldest zoo opened in the country and consists of cranes, pelicans, peacock’s etc.

I picked a palace tour guide book which pointed out the main attractions of the mansion. After a good look at the exteriors of the temple I decided to enter the majestic three storey building which has huge pillars, ornamented balconies and sloping roofs. Marble Palace Kolkata has a large collection of western sculpture and painting mostly of Indian and European artists.  I also noticed excellent furniture from the Victorian Era along with huge chandeliers, mirrors, urns, clocks and paintings of queens and kings. Though I was disappointed that I could not take pictures of the palace interiors, I was sure that this extravagant palace will always remain in my heart. I came out of the palace and hired a taxi back to my hotel room.


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