Science City Kolkata depicts the wonders of inventions

The city of joy is celebrated as the most happening district of the state and the country as well. From roadside spicy snack items to multiple cuisines of innumerable restaurants, street lighting to Durga Puja’s mishmash shopping, busy crowd to unwinding cinema halls, New Market’s hustle and bustle to sparse shopping malls and so and so forth; everything assists Kolkata in making it an impressive place to be visited. Among all of them is the Science City Kolkata which has gained a weight of popularity in the recent years after its gigantic construction. It depicts every segment of science and technology and its growth worldwide. Being popularized as the sub continent’s largest center of science, it serves the visitors with a number of its unsurpassed attractions.

Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata | Image Resource :

Earth Exhibition Hall

Earth Exhibition Hall | Image Resource :

One could not imagine the heights of my enthusiasm which I carried with me when I left Birla Mandir with my ongoing digital camera. Being a Civil Engineer by profession, this center of science was one of my favorite choices. Moving towards EM Bypass of Kolkata in the region of Tangra, I reached the huge and magnificent building crafted using the magnificence of science and technology. It is equally enthusiastic for everyone from a toddler to an age old individual. The Space Theatre, Time Machine, 3D vision Theatre and Planetarium are some of the chief attractions of the center which reflected the updated international scientific changes all over the world. The Space Theatre consists of the cinematography related to the Greek civilization and their astounding contribution in the sectors of science and technology with their ideas, discoveries and achievements. The 3D movie projection based on Polaroid is an extraordinary application of digital skills and the Time machine takes one to the world of past asteroids and planets in the Solar System. The historical journey of the past Pyramids is catered through this time machine.

It left me with bulk of science knowledge and I was spellbound by some scientific activities in Science City Kolkata. It certainly gave me a completely different experience which I would cherish forever. Next, I prepared myself for visiting the zoological gardens of Kolkata.


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