Alipore Zoological Gardens, Kolkata is the gateway to show love to the wildlife

Alipore Zoological Gardens Kolkata

Alipore Zoological Gardens Kolkata | Image Resource :

Love towards wildlife occupies a different space in my life. The joy of watching different kinds of animals in the same area is simply amazing. Out of all the animals, I love watching gigantic elephants because of the morale behind each of its humble features is simply appreciable. Visiting the Alipore Zoological Gardens Kolkata was the perfect decision taken by me to have eye contact with those unassuming features. Every individual carries its own identification and so does every animal. They can well understand the language of love and affection. Conservation of animals and breeding them is the activity performed by every zoological garden and Kolkata’s zoo is also contributing in the same.

Tiger At Alipore Zoological Gardens

Tiger At Alipore Zoological Gardens | Image Resource :

Giraffee At Alipore Zoological Gardens

Giraffee At Alipore Zoological Gardens | Image Resource :

Located in the posh area of Alipore, it serves as the most visited place of interest among the local inhabitants as well as outsiders. As per historical details, Mr. Ram Brahma Sanyal, the first Superintendant of the zoo, used to keep details and records of every captivated wild animal in the zoo. He used to do so according to the housing, feeding, treatment and reproductive behavior of the animals. They even encouraged him to write handbook on the management of wild animals in Bengal. Things like polythene bags and plastic bottles are prohibited inside the zoo to maintain hygiene. Even visitors are not allowed to get very close to the animals or pass any lewd comments, teasing gestures and activities. Carnivorous animals like lion, leopard, jungle cat, Himalayan black bear, Bengal Tiger, fishing cat, sloth bear, etc are maintained by this zoo. I was astounded by the numerous species of deer like swamp deer, hog deer, white fallow deer, and barking deer, which were accompanied by other herbivorous animals like nilgai, black duck, one horned Rhinoceros, zebra, Indian elephant and hippopotamus. Among the monkeys, the most interesting animals to be watched are hamadryas baboon, Assamese monkey, chimpanzee, and many more which are exhibited in the zoo. It was a rediscovered journey of childhood and I was touched by those moments.

Crocodiles At Alipore Zoological Gardens

Crocodiles At Alipore Zoological Gardens | Image Resource :

The Alipore Zoological Gardens Kolkata catered me with the lost and found flashbacks of the early days when I loved to take care of many small sized animals.


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