Have unusual experiences of Nicco Park Kolkata, for the lifetime

Since its inauguration in the year of 1991, Nicco Park Kolkata has become the most favorable entertainment destination for the dwellers of Kolkata. This huge amusement park is a must place to visit, especially during the weekends. It shares equal entertaining experience for both children as well as adults. I was among one of the visitors who were standing in the queue and equally excited to have a roller coaster journey in the ‘Disneyland of Kolkata’.

Nicco Park Entrance

Nicco Park Entrance | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/vaijayanta/2464251697

I took my tickets to get inside the amusement park and was flabbergasted by the preview of the 40 acres land. I crossed my patience limits and gushed to the rides without thinking any further. I chose the Pirate Ship as my first ride and got into that along with some of the inhabitants of Kolkata. It was an amazing experience with them; we were screaming like anything. I got familiar with them even in that five minute journey. Likewise, I tried different rides of Tilt-a-Whirl, Water coaster, River caves, Moon ranker, etc with unusual senses of exhilaration. After spending some thrilling moments, I realized that tt was high time to have some snacks and coffee and to enjoy them I went to the Food Park. It serves North Indian, south Indian and almost every local cuisine. I bought some T-Shirts for my friends and for my nephew from the Souvenir Shop and Sheroo Bazaar located inside the park. There is a magnificent ride called The Giant Cyclone which was included in the year 2003. It is one of the largest ones in Asia with a length of 750 meters and a height of 55 feet. I many visited educational recreational activities such as the Solar Energy Village. I came to know many exciting things related to the functioning of non-conventional energy sources which are in extreme demand in today’s world.

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I was not wrong to have the Giant Cyclone ride at the last; it really took me out of my place. The thrill was astounding and I was fortunate enough to note the brilliant experiences of Nicco Park Kolkata in my travel diary.


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