Elements and Technologies that Make – up Green Construction

By definition, my beloved profession of Civil Engineering refers to the procedure that involves plans, designs, construction, maintenance, and operating infrastructures. It also does go hand-in-hand with protecting the public and environmental health.

Lately, though, there has been a sweet and thoughtful change to the way Civil Engineering is looked up to. An amazing aspect of “Green Construction” has come to the fore.

Green Construction

Green Construction | Image Resource : blog.equiprent.com/2012/01

For those of you who are still not aware about the concept of Green Construction, here is some Food for Thought..I hope that this information will help you all to understand what we Civil Engineers actually do..

Firstly, lets start with knowing about Green Construction. The wide category of construction covers everything ranging from energy-efficient appliances to geothermal heating and even the technological advancements garner green construction.

Green Building Techniques

Green Building Techniques | Image Resource : technologygreenenergy.blogspot.in/2012/12/green-building.html

As a means of eco-friendly construction, green construction uses sustainable and biodegradable building materials.

Following are those factors which contribute to Green Construction..

Cool Roofs – They are devised to enhance solar reflectance and decrease the emission of thermal energy. It improves the temperature of the interiors.

Green Insulation – This involves using eco-friendly materials like cotton, fibre glass or recycled stuff for the purpose of insulating walls of the house.

Biodegradable Materials – Using recycled materials – preferably using building materials taken down from a disposed construction for creating something new adds to the value of green construction.

Crammed earthen bricks – It involves nothing but usage of sedimentary rocks for the purpose of constructing something new.

Geothermal heating – It is a great way to tap into Earth’s natural energy to generate power that is sustainable as well as renewable.

Solar Panel House

Solar Panel House | Image Resource : eddiewilliams2.wordpress.com

Solar power – A great element in smart home designing. conserving solar power translates into half the battle won.

Electrochromic smart glass – It makes use of tiny blowouts of electricity to get the ions charged on a window layer. Smart glass can also change the amount of light it reflects.

So that’s about it folks..isn’t Green Construction interesting enough? Well, according to me, it sure is!! Watch this space for more such compelling technologies in Civil Engineering. Ciao.


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