Train Travel by Neelachal Express from Puri to Lucknow – A Trip to Remember

‘Work’ and ‘tension’ in today’s world are two terms that can be associated with each other. To get rid of them both I prefer to go on vacations, sometimes with my friends and sometimes alone. Not going on any trip for a long time I planned with a few of my friends train travel by Neelachal Express from Puri to Lucknow. Being fond of visiting new places, photography and tasting new cuisines Lucknow seemed a perfect combination for of all of these. Staying at a friend’s place at night four of us started for Lucknow on Friday.

Neelachal Express

Neelachal Express | Image Resource :

Our train was scheduled from Puri station at 10:55a.m and after a long time we were going together on a vacation so everyone was equally excited. The Neelachal Express (12875) was on time and we boarded our compartments finding our respective seats. The third AC coaches were comfortable and neat with proper arrangements of bed sheets and blankets. Chatting with my friends the journey was indeed an enjoyable one which was duly been updated in the social network by one of us. The train took 26 hours 20 minutes to reach Lucknow. Before reaching Lucknow the train halted at many stations where we got down and at Mughal Sarai Junction one of us was almost missing the train to get cold drink for us. I always enjoy travelling by train and watching the scenery changing outside the window. And the most enjoyable part of travelling with friends was the amount of fun that we had while cracking jokes, clicking pictures and discussing some personal issues as well. The food offered by the pantry was not very delicious but consumable. Biriyani was also available but we decided not to spoil our mood by tasting biriyani in the train when we actually were going to the land of mughlai cuisine.

Puri Railway Station

Puri Railway Station | Image Resource :

The train travel by Neelachal Express from Puri to Lucknow was super fun and we were fortunate to reach the Lucknow junction on time. Arriving there at around 1:15 pm we four were actually starving and were waiting to reach hotel Comfort Inn Lucknow which we hoped to find comfortable. I wish to give you some more fun details of my Lucknow trip, so keep an eye over my blog.


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