Asafi Masjid Lucknow – a place of great historical significance

Vacations are important for me to get rid of the work load and to enjoy the locale and the cuisine of that place. To know the taste of the local food I went to explore the street food of Lucknow with my friends after returning from Bara Imambara. The seekh kabab and the galouti kababs were really mouth watering among the other food items. The local markets and the food stalls were rampantly investigated by us four so that we didn’t miss any famous items of the city of Nawabs. Before going to bed I was posting a few snaps of the day at my social networking site when my eyes met the picture of Asafi Masjid Lucknow.

Asafi Masjid Lucknow

Asafi Masjid Lucknow | Image Resource :

The tour of Bara Imambara along with the guide was really helpful, since without him we could not have known the historical significance of the place. Walking through the Asafi masjid and listening to the guide virtually took me back to those days when the mosque was repeatedly defiled by the British. They used the place along with the Bara Imambara to store gunpowder, guns and canons needed to attack the rebel sepoys and citizens. The nearby located Alamgir mosque was used by them as a medical help centre for the soldiers. The guide also informed that it was after 27 years of this practice that Syed Mohammad Ibrahim, a religious leader, pursued the British government to vacate the three edifices. After that the offering of namaaz restarted at the two mosques while Muharrum and other religious observations took place in the Imambara. The exclusive congregation of the Shia muslims for Namaaz-e-Juma along with the annual namaaz for Eid and Baqrid festivals again started in the Asafi masjid.

Though Mohammad Ali Shah, the third king of Awadh, ordered to shift the Friday prayers of the Shia muslims to the Jama Masjid, constructed under his reign; the lost glory and honour of the Asafi Masjid Lucknow was restored back with the Nawabs losing their power. The historical description told by the guide was still wandering in my mind and I was fascinated to think about it again and again.


One thought on “Asafi Masjid Lucknow – a place of great historical significance

  1. At first it looks just like a wonderful, beautiful piece of architecture…and then you realize how small the people are and how magnificent the building must be from ground level. Truly awesome. 🙂 Best of luck to you, and happy travels!


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