Christ Church Lucknow – One of the Oldest English Churches In India

The diversity of India makes it possible for the people of India to have mosques, temples and churches all in the same geographical area. The Christ Church Lucknow had been set up for the felicitation of the English population of the East India Company in India. I took the local conveyance to reach the Church and was truly impressed. It looked distinctly gothic in style with about 20 steeples that adorned it. With a capacity of holding up to 130 people, the church has had some troublesome history during the independence struggle.

Christ Church Lucknow

Christ Church Lucknow | Image Resource :

Although it was not in the practice at that time to built graveyards along with churches, yet the church later made provisions for the burial of the victims during the attacks on the church in 1860. Close to the post office of the Hazratgunj, the church continued to be regarded as the memorial for the dead. Few people know that the church was also called by a different name, as the Church of England. The interiors of the church have plaques which have been inscribed in the memory of the English Officers who have been killed during the mutiny.

Noteworthy is the stained glass murals that can be found in the church; while one serves as a background for the altar , the other three adorns the walls of the church. It was simply breathtaking to view such an important building of the bygone era which still stands testimony to all the happenings that must have taken place in the yester years. Truly, time passes on and the mortal men and women pass on to but monuments like this continue to be the torch bearer of their legacy that continues with them. Christ Church, Lucknow is one of them that have the footprints of the erstwhile era. As I made my way out of the premise, I had yet another place to go to- the Shah Najaf Imambara, Lucknow which promised to be equally intriguing like the Church. The feeling to be in an environment, one which had been the spot for important people in history felt very strange.


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