Train Travel by DHN Garib Rath – Time to Experience the Rural and Urban Charms of the Country

I love going on my little escapades; it is very enjoyable and liberating. It helps me know so much more about my own country that it makes me wonder that how much of us really know anything about our country. The places readily accessible and the remote ones, all make up for the character of the cumulative India and I want to possibly see all of it. I attempted to do just that with my train travel from Bhubaneshwar Odisha to Ranchi by DHN Garib Rath. My train departed at 8:10 in the evening and I had been waiting for this moment for several months now. Work pressures have lately been stressful and with the trip I could perfectly unwind and return as a changed person.

DHN Garib Rath

DHN Garib Rath | Image Resource :

I would reach Dhanbad Junction by 10:45 the next day and it was best that way because I could get to the task of exploring the place instantly. With my bags packed and all the other essentials in place, I proceeded to the station. The railway station was crowded as usual; people hurrying here and there all purposefully trying to get to their trains. Among the sea of people, there are people of all age groups, while the young had an extra zing in their steps, there were the old too taking their steps laboriously. Children simply, were tagging along with their hands secured with their parent or relative. It is not difficult to get to the correct platform of the train because of the coolies because they are like the ever ready information booths for all the trains that ply here. After all, it is their business to know about the trains.

ranchi railway station

Ranchi Railway Station | Image Rsource :

I had had my dinner and once I took my place in the train, I just got my luggage in place and settled to relax in the train. This train travel from Bhubaneshwar Odisha Ranchi by DHN Garib Rath would help me finally sit back and enjoy the journey. My trip officially began and I was looking forward to all the new places I would see beginning with my choice of abode – Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi.


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