Sun Temple Ranchi – Exploring the Culture and Architecture of the Place

It would require traveling 39 kilometers more to reach Sun Temple Ranchi. It is located on the Tata Road close to Bundu. Made in a form of a chariot, you simply cannot miss the temple. The innovative design and the temple serenity are two basic reasons why people come from far flung areas to visit the temple. It was established by Sanskriti Vihar at the behest of Shri Sita Ram Maroo and with the funds of Ranchi Express Group, of whose Mr.Maroo is the Managing Director. The cars went all the way up to the impressive temple.

Sun Temple Ranchi

Sun Temple Ranchi | Image Resource :

The temple indeed is very unique. Built like a chariot, it has seven horses bound to it, which looks life-like and the wheels on the two sides have been decorated too. There is a pond within the temple premise, which people consider vary sacred. Also, a ‘dharamsala’ is under construction, which would provide greater facilities to the people visiting the temple in the coming years. I worshipped and took a moment to admire the beauty of the temple, its unique structure and the general cleanliness of the place too. Seldom, we come across temples that are kept neat and tidy. This one had been taken care of beautifully. There cannot be enough said about the importance of the deity here. The Sun God is among the chief of the nine grahas and is known by several names- like Surya, Adithya and others. The God’s devotees are among the Smarta and the Saura sect for whom the Sun God is their ultimate one.

The Sun Temple Ranchi is a classic example of the ‘vahan’ or the chariot of Lord Himself. There is a great amount of peace within the temple and it is truly mesmerizing to observe the temple and the architecture of the newly built temple. The sun was setting and the view was one to die for. I had to return back to the hotel. For the next day, I had plans to go to Dassam Falls Ranchi. So far I have had the loveliest experiences in my life visiting the attractions of Ranchi.


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