Dassam Falls Ranchi – A Lovely Sight, Unbelievably Heavenly

Dassam Falls Ranchi

Dassam Falls Ranchi | Image Resource : yohyoh.com

A new morning in Ranchi and I am having the time of my life. This day I was supposed to go to Dassam Falls Ranchi. Ranchi has been aptly called as the city of waterfalls because the numerous water falls in the region have given reason for the tourists to have a lovely experience here. This falls in the state of Jharkhand is the most famous and is specifically in the Taimara village. It falls in the Bundu section of the district Ranchi. Etymologically, Dassam means the number ten and this is so because if one looked closely at all times, there are seen ten water streams falling when you look at the falls from a distance. This most likely is the reason why all call it Dassam Falls.

Cascading from a height of about 44 meters, the water body is a tributary of the River Subarnarekha and known as Kanchi. It has resulted from nicks in the water passage caused due to rejuvenation thus causing a waterfall like the one I was seeing in front of me. The scene is ethereal. Situated away from the Ranchi and Jamshedpur Highway, it took me considerable time to reach the waterfalls so by that time, the glare of the sun had reduced and I was able to enjoy the weather and the falls. Although, there are many such falls in the region on the edges of the Ranchi landscapes, yet Dassam is said to be most breathtaking. The white foam of the water rising above the falls made it look heavenly and for a moment I was fixed to my spot soaking in the beauty of the place.

Dassam Falls

Dassam Falls | Image Resource : nic.in/

The region is significantly different from the city proper both in terms of the geographical variations and in terms of the language which is spoken here. I learnt that Mundari language is used here and settled amidst the beauty of nature, Dassam Falls Ranchi attracted a large number of tourists who found the place truly enchanting. My spell was broken when I realized that I had to move on to Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur.


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