Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi – Discover Ways to Blissfulness

Situated in Doranda Ranchi in Jharkhand, Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi is an extreme delight to begin with. When I had booked the rooms online, the one advantageous thing about the location of the hotel is that it is very close to the railway station and therefore, when I got down from the train in the morning, it did not take me long to reach the hotel premise. It looked pleasing – the hotel outer façade. I entered the hotel and the reception is right in front of me. The hotel personnel were with ready smiles and the check-in was quick. I was shown to my room and I was happy with the way everything looked.

Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi

Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi | Image Resource :

The room is elegantly furnished and has tasteful décor. Every amenity seemed in place and that indeed was very satisfactory. I unpacked and freshened up. The literature about the hotel in the room informed me about the restaurant facilities and all the other finer points about the hotel. It has worked out to be a good choice. I came down to the breakfast spread and was equally happy with the spread that the hotel has for breakfast. There is just about every important food item and it is tasty and served steaming hot. There were many people in the vicinity; this gave me an idea that the hotel is popular as well. And why not, the hotel did provide great facilities in very affordable prices. Once I was full, I made my way to the hotel travel desk to know about the sightseeing options within the city and close by.

Hotel Yuvraj Palace

Hotel Yuvraj Palace | Image Resource :

Hotel Yuvraj Palace Ranchi can be recommended for a lot of reasons. If delectable good food are not enough, there are the helpful staff and great overall facilities within the hotel premises that made the tourists feel welcomed and at home. The staff members are very courteous and prompt with their services and are eager and happy to please the guests. I was readily assisted by the travel desk and with their help I decided about my first sightseeing in this state. I would go to Jagannath Temple Ranchi to kick start my sightseeing in the city with Lord’s blessings.


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