Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur – More than Caring the Well-Being of Animals

It had been indeed the most amazing experience at the Dassam Falls, but now I was heading to an equally endearing place – the Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur. The precinct is famous for being a zoo, a captive breeding facility, a recreational and educational hub and a research facility, all rolled in one. Spread over a vast area of 37 hectares, the place is a visual treat as there are landscaped gardens and great vantage points created within the facility, which lure the tourists in large numbers. The park provides a conducive and healthy environment for animals and birds and the maintenance of their proper enclosures so that in the simulated habitats they can exist better.

Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur

Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur | Image Resource : ixigo.com

For a meager 20 rupees, one could access the beautiful park and look at the various animal lives here. Built under the responsible tutelage of the Tata Steel Group, the park authorities strive each day to conserve the wild life. I could see the unbelievable diversity in the flora and fauna of the park as well. As I moved from one enclosure to the other, the one remarkable thing that I noticed about the place is that it is the most well kept zoo I have seen in all my life. It does not end here, the information at the entrance enlightened further about the Zoo’s master plan which would bring about a step by step renewal in the overall development of the park. The park provides employment to many of the wild life enthusiasts who would love to see the animals in better environments and are enthused about their general welfare.

Tata Steel Zoological Park

Tata Steel Zoological Park | Image Resource : jamshedpurlive.net

As I moved around, the experience in the Tata Steel Zoological Park Jamshedpur was proving to be very satisfying and informative since there are innumerable placards and information boards within the park premise to guide the visitors better. The Park undoubtedly provides to the residents of the city and the tourists a great avenue to understand animals and birds better. This park is indeed a favorite among the children which could be figured out if one looked at the number of children present in the precinct.


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