Rock Garden and Kanke Dam in Ranchi – Dual Place for Exceptional Experience

View of Kanke Dam from Rock Garden

View of Kanke Damn from Rock Garden | Image Resource :

Although Ranchi is a small city, it is very well connected by roads, rail and air, so it is convenient to travel inside Ranchi by local transportation. Rock Garden and Kanke Dam in Ranchi is located flanking each other and hence, it is easy to travel to both the places in a short span of time. Being considered as one of the most attractive and like places of Ranchi, Rock Garden is positioned about 4 km away from Albert Akka Chowk. It ranks second after the Rock Garden of Jaipur as it is constructed of the Gonda Hill’s rocks. There is wide array of beauty added with waterfalls and a few sculptures that make the place a must visit.

The combination of the Kanke Dam’s lake and the garden is the endless sphere and the tender sensation to the tourists and other local people who come to visit this place with the purpose to unwind. A majority of people visit this place as a picnic spot and kids enjoy the little rides to the fullest. The view is picturesque from the top of the mountains. Decorated beautifully with stunning plants and flowers, the garden depicts the allure and serenity to the visitors. The lake of Kanke Dam nearby Rock Garden is visited by number of people to enjoy the sunset and the marvelous and panoramic view of the two. To add the activity of boating I went to the boating complex of the lake and did the same enjoying the uncommon scenic features and serenity of the lake and its surroundings.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden | Image Resource :

Since the lake is located at the base of Gonda Hills, it offers picturesque view of the hills and its essence. Birds flying all over, butterflies of the garden, etc., are some of the nature’s features that kept me appealing throughout my visit to Rock Garden and Kanke Dam in Ranchi. The place is simply soothing and perfect for the group picnickers as it provides all the peaceful experience that every visitor seeks throughout his life. I was busy wandering in the garden when I saw the time to leave the place and hit the next one with a popular park of Jharkhand.


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