Betla National Park Jharkhand – Gateway to the Wealth of Wildlife

Spread over 979 sq km of the area, the Betla National Park Jharkhand was initially known as Palamu Sanctuary and presently known as one of the most popular parks in Indian subcontinent’s Northeastern region. My love towards wildlife drew me to the respective place of wildlife sanctuary. I was excited as I finally managed to reach one of my favorite places after a long work schedule. This was the first time when I was bounded by my work pressure and I did not get the chance to travel for leisure. Observing wildlife has always been the part of my travelling to every city. This park was one of them.

Betla National Park Jharkhand

Betla National Park Jharkhand | Image Resource :

The distinction of having reserves of 9 tiger, the park was the first to be established in India. The flora of the National Park spans from wet tropical evergreen, diverse deciduous forests, moderate alpine forests in lower, middle and high altitude of the area respectively. Since Jharkhand is situated on the Chota Nagpur Plateau it is encompassed with ripples, forest tracts and isolated abrupt hills that are the most attractive features of this state. The Park is the home of expanded ecosystem and that is why it has variety of wildlife species also that include leopard, elephant, sloth bear, langur, porcupine, panther, monkeys, chinkara, etc. The bird life is also affluent in variety of species. Bird watchers can easily spread their time gazing at the colorful birds of the park. Some of the species include black partridge, swamp grey, wagtails, drongo, forest owls, red jungle fowl, doves and several others.

Betla National Park

Betla National Park | Image Resource :

I picked up elephant safari as I was fond of it since my early days when I used to visit my maternal uncle’s home and had the safari over there. It is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking. There are a few resorts and guest cottages to have an overnight stay and wander for nighttime animals. The Betla National Park Jharkhand gave me a mind-blowing experience to treasure for the rest of my life. Throughout my safari I was gazing the wildlife rich resources of the park and was amazed with the conservation of the same. With good memories I took my way to the famous fort of Jharkhand.


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