Palamu Fort Daltonganj – Time to Explore Historical Sites

Palamu Fort

Palamu Fort | Image Resource :

The small town of Jharkhand state that is positioned on the North Koel River banks and is the headquarters of Palamu district, where Palamu Fort Daltonganj Jharkhand is located is known to be Daltonganj. The fort is the attractive historical landmarks for the tourists who come to visit Jharkhand to witness the uncommon features of its tourism. Palamau is also known for its tiger reserves besides the fort. It was constructed by Chero Dynasty’s Vanvasi Kings. Basically the district is well-connected by roads and I hired a taxi to drop me to the specified fort.

The auto rickshaw driver was very helpful and he gave me some of the descriptions of the fort with great history behind it. He said that the walls of the fort still have the bullet marks, which were hit at the time of the last battle. The three directions of the fort are covered by the walls and also have three major gates to be entered. The fort is the ruin of Jharkhand’s past history and it is covered by deep forests of Aurangabad near Daltonganj. It speaks the victory battleship of the Raja Medini Ray who constructed the lower fort during his reigning period for 13 years only.

Palamu Fort Daltonganj

Palamu Fort Daltonganj | Image Resource :

It is true that India and its states are rich in historical landmarks and there are enormous stories of their kings’ victory that motivate the present generation who visit these forts in various cities. I was feeling proud to be born in the land of bravery and courage. I honestly admire their sacrifices for their own country and felt courageous after hearing the legend of their gallantry and heroism. I took out my camera to take some of the pictures that were likely to come into use for my travel diary. Palamu Fort Daltonganj Jharkhand has imprinted its name in the ensuing history of the Jharkhand state and people who visit this place once, would like its distinct features and the legend as narrated by the guide and its local people. I left the place with old memories of history to conquer my next attraction in Ranchi.


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