Ranchi Lake – Opportunity to Bless with Peace

Positioned at the foundation of Ranchi Hill and the core of the city, the Ranchi Lake draws number of visitors to visit this place for some recreational activities of the lake and unwind them with picturesque views of the lake and its surroundings. It offers distinct and unique experience to the tourists who come to visit Ranchi for its great tourism features. People who want to spent a quiet and relaxing evening far from the turmoil of the city finds this place immaculate and visit as and when required.

Ranchi Lake

Ranchi Lake | Image Resource : panoramio.com

It is located adjoining to Ranchi Telephone Exchange. It augments the allure of the city as it is located near the GPO, the core of the city. Tourists who travel to Ranchi once visit the lake for its distinguished features and I was one of them. Till now I have almost visited the exclusive niche of Ranchi and have enjoyed a lot with all of them but this place was simply a bliss which adds divinity to the soul and the body itself. Though I did not opt for boating as I was exhausted with the whole day expedition but I sat aside and simply witnessed the activities that were happening in the surroundings of the lake. This exotic location was giving me wealth of peace and rejuvenation.

Ranchi Lake Night

Ranchi Lake Night | Image Resource : imageshack.us

It was a perfect combination of sunset, endless horizon, peach sky and its reflection on the lake. I was thrilled at that particular moment. Kids were wandering to and fro with their rackets and bats to have playful evening. Picnickers were laughing to their heartfelt. I was grasping the morale from their contented life and wished to remain same as them. It was a great day to be remembered forever and some more brilliant features were added to my travel dairy. I was fortunate to get opportunity to visit and witness the other part of life, full of peace and pleasure. The Ranchi Lake is an unforgettable experience for all who have felt the soothing and blissful environment of the niche and I was among one of them. The day ended with endless memories to take back home.


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