Train Travel From Bhubaneswar to Patna by Patna Express

My profession of civil engineer has given me boundless opportunities to travel to various regions of the country. This has enormously enhanced my hobby of exploring new places and cities; and enjoy various attractive sites and the history lingering to them. I have been to many places, enjoyed various delicious and mouthwatering cuisines of the cities, enthralled the adventurous experiences and captured many scenic moments by my DSL camera. And when I go through the pictures clicked by me at those beautiful locations, my heart fills with contentment and I instantly relive those moments. Travelling has made me grow up, enhanced my knowledge and gave me opportunity to praise the diversity and rich culture of our country.

Patna Express

Patna Express | Image Resource :

This time, when I got a notice to visit the city of Patna, I informed my friends, and they insisted to join me on the trip. I was also thrilled to join my friends on a business cum vacation. It’s been years since I spent some quality time with them. So, here we were all set to visit the capital of Bihar– Patna.

Patna is considered to be amongst the oldest continuously inhabited places in the entire world. Patna is a sacred city for Sikhs and Hindu, Jain and Buddhist pilgrims are also in the vicinity. Patna, which is flourished on the southern banks of the holy Ganges, is bordered on three sides by rivers. The city also holds pride of having the largest river line in the world.

We planned to leave for the place a few days ahead of my business task so that we can enjoy and explore the city to the fullest. We reserved our accommodations in the Patna express. Our Train travel from Bhubaneswar to Patna by Patna express was to commence at a very odd time of 2:20am in midnight, and we were scheduled to reach Patna at around 8:15pm. We all reached the deserted station around 15 minutes before the train arrival, and enjoyed a cup of tea in that silent night. Train arrived on time, and we occupied our accommodations. Everyone was fast asleep in the train, and we also, without making much hustle bustle, retired to sleep looking forward to a comfortable journey and a fabulous vacation.


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