Kumhrar – A Place that Reveals Evidences of History

On the very next day, we started our exploration of Patna. The first destination of the day was the Kumhrar. We hired a cab and headed for the destination. Kumhrar is situated around 6 km towards the south of the Patna railway station. As enquired on the internet, Kumhrar is a place that is renowned for its archaeological excavations that belongs to Patliputra , that is marked as the primordial capital of Ajatshatru, Chandragupta and Ashoka. The Excavations made at Kumhrar includes fascinating works in the form of structures and amazing artifacts belonging to the past.

These remnants of the ancient city were dispersed all over and were reminding us of rich and wonderful history of Kumhrar. We moved through the Kankarbagh road, where Kumhrar is located. It was told that the Kumhrar has undergone through digging numerous times, in hope of revealing more evidences of past.

Kumhrar Parks Museum

Kumhrar Parks Museum | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Following the excavations of the place, numerous relics have been discovered, which are considered by some historians to belong to 600 BC to 600 AD. However, amongst the all findings, the most astonishing is a huge hall with 80 pillars; which is thought to be utilized as the parliament of Chandragupta Maurya. By view of the knowledgeable historians and archaeologists, it ages back to 300 BC.

We were mesmerized to see the assembly hall that is recovered in the excavation; undoubtedly, it was an outstanding specimen of architectural proficiency. What we were looking at the ruins, but we could imagine how magnificent it would have been during the reign.

Pillar at Kumhrar

Pillar at Kumhrar | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Near to this parliament was a Buddhist monastery that was made entirely of bricks and is famous as the Anand Bihar. There are also evidences of ‘Arogya Vihar’ during the excavation, which was executed by the renowned physician Dhanvantri. It was so fascinating to witness the valuables of history, and I was capturing all in my camera. It was like the Magadh Empire was reliving in front of us. We stayed there for long admiring the clay figures and wooden beams that were discovered there and were all displayed in a park. The experience at the Kumhrar was wonderful.


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