A Great Experince at Hotel fortune Inn

 Our train was on time and we reached Patna junction at the scheduled time of 8:15.  We had a gala time during our journey and we all were feeling as though our old graduation days are back. We disembarked the train and moved out of the station. We were already in the aura of Patna’s accent and culture. We hired an auto rickshaw and negotiated to reach our pre booked hotel – Hotel fortune inn .

Ravi was very good at negotiating,( he hasn’t lost this talent since college days) and he convinced the rickshaw driver to take us three, at very reasonable charges to the hotel. On our way, we were observing the markets and people of Patna. Soon, we were standing in front of the Hotel.

Hotel Fortune Inn Patna

Hotel Fortune Inn Patna | Image Resource : flynas.com/

It was a nicely architecture building. We entered and were greeted by the lady behind the front desk. The lobby was decently decorated and cleanliness was at par. The staff was affable and helped us to our room that was on the first floor.

The room was spacious, and pleasant.  It was furnished with all the basic amenities of A/C, telephone, color television, iron. Internet could be accessed at request.  So this was our home away from home, and was quite comfortable. The services and facilities provided were value to money.

It was time for dinner, and we all were extremely hungry. Sumesh said that everyone should hurry up as rats were running in his tummy, and made a face at which we couldn’t stop laughing. So we quickly refreshed and went to the hotel’s restaurant. An aroma of spices welcomed us as we entered the restaurant, which accentuated our hunger. The food was lavish and spicy. We filled ourselves, and then made our way back to the room.

We were a bit tired, but couldn’t resist a session of gossips and chats. We talked all about our college days, teachers and our trips. I think, it is since our college trip that I got the passion for travelling. This all was so nostalgic and we went on chatting until our eyes were heavy with sleep. So we postponed further discussions to the next day, and hit the bed. Moments later, we could hear Ravi’s snoring…AAh!!


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