A Visit at The Fabulous Patna Museum

On the next day of our visit to Patna, we were excited to explore more places and were searching at internet as to which site to visit today. While surfing on the net, we came across the Patna Museum. We were always attracted towards the museums as they are loaded with the historical arrtifects. So, we unanimously decided to visit the Patna Museum.

Full View Of Patna Museum

Full View Of Patna Museum | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org/

We quickly gobbled on our breakfast and called the cab. Soon, we were in front of the great Patna Museum. Patna Museum is also popularly called as ‘Jadu Ghar’. The museum is amongst the very well preserved museums of our country. Situated in the centre of the city, the museum efficiently connects the magnificent past with today’s modern age.

The building of the museum had a beautiful architecture, which was established in the year 1917.It was founded by Sir Edward Gait, Lieutenant Governor of Bihar and Odisha, and therefore, his bust is installed inside the museum, close to the entrance.

The building was bordered by beautiful garden that was showing off its lush greenery and colorful flowers. We noticed a number of statues in the campus.

LI in Patna Museum

LI in Patna Museum | Image Resource : shru.blogspot.com

We entered the place, to enrich ourselves with the ancient world and its significance. We were amazed to see the vast collection of artifacts that the museum beholds referring to the reign of the Maurya, Gupta, Sunga, Mughals and Britishers. The museum is also known to hold certain collection that is unmatched anywhere.

The museum boasts of a collection exceeding 45,000 exhibits, and of them, only a fraction are displayed because of scarcity of sufficient space. One of the rarest possessions of the museum is the Relic casket that contains the mortal remains of Lord Buddha.

Patna Museum Original Cannon

Patna Museum Original Cannon | Image Resource : bhomsh.blogspot.com/

The collection that is admired the most is the However the ‘Didarganj Yakshi’, which is a statue belonging to 3rd Century BC. At one corner, a brick made sculpture of Lord Buddha and the Stupas, called as the Satabdi Smarak is sited.

We also enjoyed the refreshments at the cafeteria named as Sangrahalaya Viharmanaged that is managed by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation and bought a souvenir from the shop administered by HHEC (Ministry of Textile). We thoroughly enjoyed the displays on the two floors of the museum, with each floor  themed with various Galleries to exhibits the artifacts in an appropriate way


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