Buddha Smriti Park – A Recreational Park

On the next day, we visited the Buddha Smriti Park. It was located very close to our stay. There was a small entry fees charged to enter the park.

This attractive but multipurpose park was established by the State Government to celebrate 2554th birth anniversary of the inspiring Lord Buddha. The park was swear-in on the auspicious day of Buddha Poornima, dated on 27th May, 2010 by His Holiness Dalai Lama.

The day is well remembered when the park was inaugurated along with the chant of hymns and the presence many respectable dignitaries.

Dalai Lama also planted two saplings on that day that are still nurtured and considered auspicious. Now the park is taken care of by Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.

Buddha Smriti Park

Buddha Smriti Park | Image Resource: lh4.googleusercontent.com

The land where this park is established was once stood Bankipore Jail. While the remaining parts of the jail are demolished, a part of jail consisting of watch tower is still preserved and forms a part of the park.

Amid the vast area of 22 acres of the park, the prime attractive site of the park is the Stupa that is around 200 feet high and was positioned in the centre of the park. The high dome can be seen from a distance and adds to the magnificence of the park.

Buddha's Statue at Buddha Smriti Park

Buddha’s Statue at Buddha Smriti Park | Image Resource: lh4.googleusercontent.com

The most admiring part was that the relics of Buddha are finely held within a glass enclosure and a small golden statue of the Buddha in sitting posture is kept in the Stupa.

Numerous relics that are brought here from different countries are carefully kept in isolated caskets inside the glass holder. However, to visit this part of the park, an additional fee of Rs 50 need to be paid.

We were then taken to a central hall that was furnished with the wooden flooring. The case was positioned in the centre and the rest of the hall was empty, without any image or anything.

This was a fabulous park that also included a Mediation Center, a Library and a Museum. We visited each part and none of them let us loose our attention and interest.

The park is indeed a superb place to visit and realize life and preaching of Buddha.


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