P & M Mall – The First Mall Of the City

This was our last day of exploring Patna. On this last day, we all decided to enjoy and live the life that we used to during our old graduation days, but in a bit modernized way. So we visited the P&M mall of Patna.

P&M Mall is the very first mall of Patna and there was no mall for the  local people before this. This mall was opened in the capital city – Patna, of the eastern state of India- Bihar.  The mall was recently opened and inaugurated in April 2011. The proud owner of the mall is none other than the famous bollywood Film director Prakash Jha.

P & M Mall Patna

P & M Mall Patna | Image Resource: indiantravels.com

We entered the mall, and were pleased with the world class retiling spaced that it provides.  There were departmental stores, hyper markets, Multiplex, restaurant, food zone, games zone, gym, hotel and what not.

Located in the Patliputra colony of Patna, the mall was much better than many of the malls present in the metropolis cities.

However, starting the mall was not a cake walk, and opening of mall was delayed due to number of local reasons. However, a professional from UK was hired who worked day and night to sort out things, and open the mall with the desired facilities. We walked around the mall that was glittering from every nook and corner due to the amazing lightening. It was so beautiful, be in architecture or interior. There were numerous shops, branded and exclusive that were lurking people. The populace was huge, and many people look at the mall as a weekendhang out place. Most people could be seen outside the ticket lane of the multiplex, or in the food court. Children were running towards the game zone and were enjoying the various advanced versions of the games.

Escalators at P & M Mall

Escalators at P & M Mall | Image Resource: places.wonobo.com

A group of people were standing at the edge of escalators, failing to put a step forward and hesitating to use the service. This all brought a smile on my face, and I moved forward to help them.

We then moved towards the food court to fill ourselves with some delicacies while admiring the crowd gathered at the mall. The evening went by pleasantly and we felt one amongst the locals of Patna.


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