Safety tips for train travellers

Travelling by Indian train is cheapest, all you need to be aware of all information about the trains, your destination, quickest route towards it and best price being offered. Major of populace travels in economy class (general boogie) these compartments are extremely crowded and less hygienic. Never mind, you can carry a rag, extra newspapers and your sanitizer if traveling by a non-ac local compartment. While, executives, upper middle class and well to do families travel by the Three tire ac and above as per their budget. Here, one would feel safe, comfortable and clean as compared to a general class. The best part about travelling by train is the Majestic views our country and places offer. I still remember the Konkan railway journey it offers picture perfect views.

Regardless of how cheap or high end we travel, ‘Safety’ plays a vital role while travelling. Especially women who travel alone must be alert and informed. Mentioned below are few basic Safety tips for train travellers, which they must be aware and abide by:

  • Lock and zip all your bags, articles being stolen is quiet common in open area. If you have valuables then you would be at higher risk & loss if anything is stolen / lost.
Suitcases - Bags

Suitcases – Bags | Image Resource:

  • Keep basic things handy. Take a sling back or waist tucked pouch, where you have your mobile/ tickets/toiletries nearby and rest of things remain safe inside your suitcases / bags as well locked up. You would worry less if all your valuables are safest.
  • Be friendly with fellow passengers, respect their presence and know them. In case of any emergency they might help you. Be polite to whomever you meet.
Locked Bags

Locked Bags | Image Resource:

  • There are various instances where passengers are robbed and drugged in via food. Try and avoid having food offered by the fellow passengers. It’s good to be friendly but not over friendly as you hardly know them.
  • If you feel unsecured / uneasy change your seat, take the consent of a TC.

Wear in most comfortable clothes which cover you from top to bottom. A jeans / tracks most cosy. You must avoid any situation where you need to change clothes. Also carry a bed sheet to cover you while you’re asleep.


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