A Train Journey from Puri to New Delhi – To Recollect

Life becomes full of challenges especially when you are a civil engineer having to work with numerous projects and travel several places and even those, which are remote. I have always been enthusiastic in visiting new places. I had visited Delhi before but that was because I had a project there. And being busy as usual, could not take a tour of the beautiful historical city.

However I always wanted to visit Delhi as a tourist. And when the time came to take a break, I could think of nothing else! I booked my tickets in a train as I love budget travelling. On the Internet, I stumbled on the Delhi holiday packages offered by Indian Railways. Before having any second thought, I hurriedly booked my tickets on my mobile using the railway app.

Puri Railway Station

Puri Railway Station | Image Resource: panoramio.com

And so I took the Purushottam Express at around 9:30 pm. The train departed around 10 pm and gradually I fell asleep in the comfortable AC compartment. The train halted at Kharagpur station around 5 in the morning and there I was taking clicks of one of the longest railway station in the india. I still had to spend another day in the train as it was scheduled to reach New Delhi at 04:50 am the next day.

It was a rather very long journey; however, it did not bore me. The idea of visiting the Indian Capital and staying at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel always kept me enthusiastic. New Delhi is a famous historical site housing the Red Fort, India Gate, Qutab Minar, and many more. Some also call it as the Land of the Mughals. The famous city built by Shah Jahan named Shahjahanabad is today termed as Old Delhi and most of it is bounded by walls built by Shah Jahan. New Delhi is also one of the most developed cities of India, having state-of-the-art infrastructure, transport system, multiple restaurants, magnificent nightlife and well-planned streets and squares.

It was a long journey of almost 32 hours by Purushottam Express and I reached New Delhi at around 5 in the morning. Standing at the New Delhi station I could not understand how time flew by. Maybe it was my avidness to reach New Delhi that did not made me feel about the time passed. I was enthusiastic to use my Delhi holiday packages and reach the famous Taj Mahal Hotel and feel its graceful interiors and splendid architecture.


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