The Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi – A Reflection of Indian Style Brilliance and Charisma

It did not take much time to reach the 5-star hotel, which I have booked through the hotel booking app. However, I was in absolute awe when I reached there. I had only read and heard about its beauty and luxury, but being there is an absolutely out of the world experience.

The Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi is one of the most famous and magnificent luxury hotels in India. I really enjoyed the way they invited me in. They have excellent hospitality and prompt services. The hotel reflects upon core Indian Values like “Athiti Devo Bhava” which implies that guests are no less than Gods and hence, they should be respected and worshipped.

Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi

Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi | Image Resource:

The hotel is strategically located on the centre of New Delhi at the Mansingh Road, which is very near to the railway station and the airport. Since it meets all the vistas of a luxurious stay with ultimate comfort, it has become the No. 1 choice for businesspeople, celebrities, Heads of state, and many more.

Luxury Suite at Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi

Luxury Suite at Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi | Image Resource:

It is an eleven-storied building carved out of rare pink Dholpur Sandstone. It has the beauty of old charms and modern facilities. It reflects the heritage of the Mughal dynasty and features splendid architecture, which is relevant to Mughal style of architecture. It has a serene marble finishing.

Dining Room at Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi

Dining Room at Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi | Image Resource:

The hotel features a gymnasium, an Ayurvedic Spa and a swimming pool. I booked one deluxe room, which was the cheapest. The interiors of my room were outstanding. I could see the clear view of the swimming pool from my bedroom window, a view, which was stunning. After sometime I visited the library and was amazed by the serene quietness and their collection. I read the newspaper and some magazines and later when I realized that I was hungry, I had my breakfast – cheese toast with pepperoni and coffee. It was awesome.

After having breakfast, I visited the Ayurvedic Spa and took a full body massage. Trust me, I had visited numerous spas, but no spa was like the one in The Taj Mahal Hotel. It relaxed me completely. It was already 11 am then, and I was completely energized after having the massage. So I took a taxi to the famous Red Fort also called Lal Quila. I was in romance with the city.


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