India Gate – A Tribute to the Brave hearted

After some workout in the Gymnasium, I went on to have my breakfast and later had lunch. I was busy trying to solve an emergency problem in one of my projects.  I finally left the hotel around 4 pm in the evening. I headed straight to Rajpath road. There it was, standing tall and huge, The India Gate. Made up of red sandstone and around 42 meters tall, it was constructed to pay tribute to all the 90,000 soldiers who gave up their lives during the afghan war and the First World War. It was designed by Edwin Lutyens. The names of around 70,000 Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the First World War between 1914 and 1919, are engraved on the memorial arch. The war memorial also contains the names of around 12,000 Indian soldiers who were killed in the Third Afghan War.

India Gate Delhi

India Gate Delhi | Image Resource:

There was a simple small structure which comprised of a black marble plinth, on top of which there was a reversed rifle which is capped by a war helmet and surrounded by four permanent and continuous flames. It was constructed underneath the soaring Memorial Archway. It was called the Amar Jawan Jyoti built after the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. It is also known as the flame of the immortal soldier which was built to commemorate the soldiers of India who sacrificed their lives in the Indo-Pakistan war in December 1971.

Delhi India Gate And Canopy

Delhi India Gate And Canopy | Image Resource:

The India Gate is surrounded by beautiful green lawns, children’s park and boat club which make it a famous picnic spot.  It was past dusk, and I could see the entire structure illuminated with bright light bulbs which made it look fascinating against the velvety night sky. Couples and Families started coming in to just relax or have fun. I took bhelpuri from the local vendor and it tasted great. At last I took a camel ride and my heart was filled with joy. As I was returning back to the hotel I started to worry that my tour was about to end soon. I kept seeing the photographs that I had taken again and again and kept wondering if I could stay a little bit longer but I could not. I was just going to stay one more day and I could not decide which place to visit next.


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