Review on the Movie : “Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty”

Entertaining, fun, engrossing, intense and action packed, these are some of the words that perfectly describe the movie “Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty”.

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha are lead cast of the movie Holiday. Govinda comes in for a supporting role. The movie is written and directed by (word deleted) one of the most unique Indian filmmakers i.e A. Murugadoss. The man made his Hindi movie mark with Ghajini that broke all box office records. Holiday is big budget movie that is produced by Vipul Shah.

Holiday Movie

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Sonakshi and Akshay are perfect for their role and their chemistry is great. The action scenes are the most well directed part of the movie. The script is well written and the storyline is intriguing. This feature makes the movie a lot more gripping and keeps the viewers interested.

The movie is the story of a captain of Indian army who is also secret agent for DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency). Akshay Kumar plays this role with perfection. According to the army’s source, there is going to be a deadly attack on the country. To stop this from happening, a 11 membered team of the best army officers are deployed to detect the dismember sleeper cells active in India. The story revolves around this plot, how Akshay plans to achieve his goal and avoid something bad from happening.

The movie sends out a message that a soldier is never off duty even when he is holidaying. You can make this out even from the title and subtitle.

This movie is a remake of the 2012 Tamil movie “Thuppaki” which was a Blockbuster hit amongst the South Indian audiences.

So, if you love “South Indian” style intense action then this movie is made for you. I would definitely recommend  it if you want to see a good action movie this summer.


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