Lohagad Fort: The Iron Mega Structure of Pune

Dating back 2000 years in the history the Lohagad fort of Pune stands as a magnificent embodiment of the rich cultural heritage of the great ruler of Pune, Shivaji Maharaj. This majestic mega structure is located at a height of 3400 feats above sea level. The climb to the Lohagad fort offers you glimpses of the panoramic beauty of nature and the fact that this fort is surrounded on all four by beautiful lakes makes the climb a more breath taking and exuberant experience. Especially the view from Vinchu Kata or Scorpian’s Tail is mesmerizing.

The Lohagad Fort is located at a distance of just 10 kilometers from Lonavala i.e. 100 kilometers from Mumbai and 50 kilometers from Pune. The fort belongs to the period of the reign of Chattrapati Shivaji. In the year 1564 this huge monument was used for keeping the prisoners. Shivaji won it in the year 1670 and Gaikwad and Dabhade family were confined in it in the year 1751.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

This fort portrays the rich architectural heritage of Shivaji dynasty right from the majestic entrance to the beautifully and delicately carved interiors. There are three gates in a row at the entrance and is hence very aptly called the “Delhi Gate”. The fort features huge balconies and doors which narrate its story as being a significant monument for defending freedom of the masses.

The best time to visit the Lohagad Fort is between July and December. The journey to this fort can be made by both means either by train or by road. Lonavala station is located midway between Mumbai and Pune. If one opts to travel via road he needs to cross the Mumbai Pune express highway through the overhead bridge and hereafter reach the Bhaje village which is at a distance of approximately 2 kilometers from the highway. Once you reach the Bhaje village you have to travel on foot to Lohagad.

After an exhaustive but scenic trek of about 7kms you would reach the foothills of the fort of Lohagad. This track in the lap of nature would take about two and a half hour.  The small village there has a couple of small hotels for exhausted travelers so accommodation is not a problem once you reach the foothills. This whole trip to the Lohagad fort would take at least one day but no doubt will prove to be an experience of the life time.


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