Shinde Chatri, Pune: The Symbol of Maratha Heritage

Established in 1794 the Shinde Chatri is located at Wanowrie in Pune. it is a monument dedicated to the military leader Mahadji Shinde who reigned in the 18th century. Mahatji Shinde served was the commander in chief of the Maratha army, who served under the Peshwa rulers from 1760 to 1780. This structure was erected in memorial of Mahadji and is one of the most eminent landmarks in Pune city. This regal embodiment of the past splendor of the Maratha rulers has survived the storms of time and still stands victorious representing the beauty of the past era.

The entrance is carved out of iron and has a captivating sheen. The exteriors are embedded with detailed and delicate carvings which depicts the expertise of the workers of the golden era. Shinde chatri comprises of three stories and offers a daunting look into the heritage of the past. The architecture of the monument is the major attraction and reflects the Rajasthani style of construction. Precisely the Shinde Chatri represents a cultural blend of the Anglo- Rajasthani style of architecture. The monument is a livid specimen of workmanship that depicts the Vaastu Hara Rules. This monument retains its beauty and grandeur over time and draws tourists from all parts of the globe.

Shinde Chatri, Pune

Shinde Chatri, Pune | Image Resource:

A temple dedicated to lord Shiva is also erected in the premises. The steeple of this temple is embedded with idols of saints and finely carved embellishments made of yellow stone, whereas the sanctum sanctorum and the base of the temple are constructed out of black stone which gives it a mystical look.

The Chhatri or the hall comprises of carvings and beautiful paintings and also houses a very interesting gallery within it. The English style of architecture is intertwined into the monument, one of the marks of which can be seen in the colored window panes that are used for the construction of the windows of this majestic structure. The hall is beautified by paintings and pictures of the members of the descendants of the Shinde commander in chief, i.e. the Scindia family.


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