Chaturshringi Temple: The West Indian Architectural Delight

Located at Senapati Bapat Road in Pune, the Chaturshringi temple is a significant landmark of the city. It was built during the reign of the great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji by Durlabhseth Pitambardas Mahajan. This Hindu temple is situated the slope of a hill and is looked after by the Chaturshringi Devasthan temple trustees.

The literal meaning of Chaturshringi is a mountain with four peaks and hence it is considered to be a symbolism of faith and power. This temple is 90 feet in height and is 125 feet wide. In order to reach the shrine of the temple goddess Chaturshringi one has to climb up a fleet of more than 100 stairs. Except for the main deity temple of lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga are also constructed in the premises. Moreover the eight miniature idols of lord Ashthavinayaka draw attention of devotees who come to visit the temple. These small temples are located separately on four hillocks.

Chaturshringi Temple

Chaturshringi Temple | Image Resource:

According to the legend associated with the Chaturshringi temple, Durlabhseth Pitambardas Mahajan was an ardent devotee of the goddess Chaturshringi and hence he visited all her temples across far off lands in search of spirituality and peace.

But as he grew in age he was unable to travel any further. One night as per legends say the deity appeared in his dream and said that if “you cannot come to me, I would come to you” and showed him the location on a hill. The very next morning Durlabhseth headed towards the site he has been directed to and dug out the soil to find a natural figurine of the goddess. He there after constructed the shrine of goddess Chaturshringi on that very site. The temple has been renovated time and again since its establishment.

The deity goddess Chaturshringi is also called Goddess Ambreshwari by the localites and is considered as the presiding deity of the city of Pune. On the auspicious eve of Navaratri a fair is held annually at the foothills. The whole place is flooded by exuberant devotees and believers of goddess Chaturshringi who travel from far off and nearby places to be a part of the fair and pay their homage to the goddess.


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