My Travel Journey from Jajpur K Road Orissa to Vishakapatnam by East Coast Express

I had very hectic days at work for past couple of weeks and I was totally exhausted both physically and mentally. I wanted to get away from the monotonous daily schedules. It was my dream to visit Visakhapatnam again. From the internet I have learned that I have more places to explore in this city. It is a place of beaches, hilltops and wildlife sanctuaries. Being an adventure lover, I chose Vishakhapatnam. One of my friends wanted to accompany me and hence, I booked tickets online for us.

I end up finding a suitable train to Vishakhapatnam and booked my ticket on the East Coast Express. I could also manage to find out a best hotel deal on flight hotel deals for Visakhapatnam and booked my room in the RR Grand Vishakhapatnam.

Visakhapatnam Junction Main Entrance

Visakhapatnam Junction Main Entrance | Image Resource:

I packed my things and went to the railway station at around 5 o’ clock in the evening. My friend told me he will reach the station on time. The train was scheduled at 5.42 pm. The station was crowded and somehow I managed to get a seat on the platform and waited for my friend to come. He reached the station in 15 minutes. The train reached the station on time.

It was a great experience traveling in train from Jajpur, the scenic beauty of the setting sun was mesmerizing and I enjoyed the nature from the swift train. The train halted in several stations. It was quiet comfortable traveling in train and being a budget traveler I love to travel in trains as they are cheap and best.

At night we were talking about Vishakhapatnam, it has a lot to offer to its visitors. The visitors can enjoy 8 beaches, hill tops and scenic beauty, temples monuments and museums. It is a perfect place to indulge in adventure spots and is also a suitable place for nature lovers and there is a wild life sanctuary which was in my agenda.

We ordered our meal in the train itself and it was tasty. After a long chit chat I started reading my favorite book and slept for a while. We reached Orissa at 3.55 pm and the cab which was arranged online was waiting to take us to the hotel.


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