Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam – A Blissful Day to Enjoy Nature’s Charisma

After the great trekking experience at the Simhachalam temple, we were tired and retired to the room at the hotel. Vizhag offers some noteworthy attractions, which includes Kailasagiri. The next day, we planned to visit the Kailasagiri Park in Vizhag, which is very famous in the city.

The park is built on a hilltop by the VUDA, which offers an enchanting view of the East Coast Sea. We climbed the hilltop to view the panoramic view of the sea from the hilltop. It is believed that Lord Siva and Goddesses Parvathy sit on the hilltop like that on the Great Himalayas.

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

This eco-rich hill is a perfect place for the tourists and can be referred as the queen among the tourist spots in Andhra. The complete park spreads around 380 acres and it offers a beautiful view of the beaches, gardens and landscapes in Vizhag on one side and the other side of the hilltop is surrounded by lush-green forests.

We could see two or three film shooting in this area. After seeing the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva and Parvathy, we headed to view the Titanic viewpoint and other attractions such as Shanku-Chakra Namas of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati, floral clock, gliding point, food courts, and so on. We enjoyed each and every place on the hilltop and indulged in the charisma of nature.

Beach Road from Kailashagiri

Beach Road from Kailashagiri | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

There is a Shanti Ashram, which offers a serene environment for those who want to meditate for a while. We visited the ashram and sat in the silence. I was truly inspired by the calmness of the place. The floral clock on the hilltop is truly attractive as it is one of the biggest floral clocks in India. We enjoyed the panoramic view from the ropeway, which offered the view of the sea waters and beaches from heights.

The capsule lift in this place offered the beautiful view of entire Vishakhapatnam. The Kailasagiri has won the best tourist spot award in 2003 and is well-connected by buses. We came down to the hill through the steps, which are provided for the pedestrians. We enjoyed a blissful day at this place and headed towards our next destination which was Ethipothala waterfalls.


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