Simhachalam Temple Visakhapatnam – Showcasing a Blend of Architecture and Divinity

We woke up late next morning, while relishing our morning tea at the coffee shop, we planned our agenda. The first destination of our agenda was the Simhachalam temple. We left the hotel around 10 am and the city was busy at that time. The temple is at distance of 18 km from our hotel.

simhachalam temple

Simhachalam Temple | Image Resource :

We reached the temple around 11.40; the sun was very hot still and we could feel the warm breeze of the sea. Visakhapatnam lies in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh and it has 7 beaches surrounding the city. The temple is located on a top hill. Though there were enough buses available to the temple, my love for trekking made me choose the trekking route to the temple.

art at simhachalam

Art at Simhachalam temple | Image Resource :

The trekking route is truly spectacular with natural steps. We enjoyed the scenic beauty of whole Vizhag from the top hill. The climbing was a bit hard for us in the beginning, but then we were used to it. We offered pooja in the Bhoolkamma Thalli. In between we stopped at a particular place from where we could see the whole city and airport, port, HPCL refinery, and so on. After a short while we reached the motor road, which lead to the temple and we walked through the road. After two hours of climbing, we reached the temple. I was spellbound by the architectural beauty of the temple.

lord varaha stone statue

Lord Varaha Stone Statue | Image Resource :

The temple was built in the 11th century and the deity of the temple is Lord Narasimha, which is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu. More than a million of people from all over the country visit this place to worship the lord and enjoy the architectural beauty of the temple. The deity represented both Varaha and Narasimha and the image is covered by sandal paste, which resembles the Shiva Lingam. Only once during the Chandana Visarjana, the sandal paste is removed and the deity is exposed to the devotees.

simhachalam temple visakhapatnam

Simhachalam Temple Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

The architecture more or less resembles that of the Konark temple with the carvings of elephants, flowers and plants. The outer walls are carved with different posters of Narasimha and we enjoyed the marriage hall of the temple with 16 pillars. We explore the temple and enjoyed the serenity and divinity and climbed down to the foothill.


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