Benefits of becoming an engineer

Students are often confused about their career. Today, there are so many options to choose from. One should know what interests him the most (art, science or commerce) , do some research on that field and then choose the appropriate one. In this blog, I intend to help students understand why the field of engineering is better.


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Here are some of the reason why you should be an engineer :

– Fatter Salary :

Money makes the world go round. It is the sole reason why majority of people want to get a job. People study to get a job and earn a big salary. It is a fact that engineers are amongst the top paid professionals in the world. If you have the skills and confidence as an engineer then you can easily earn a six figure salary after getting some experience. If you love science, inventions and want a high paying job then engineering is your best bet.

– Status :

In India, being a government official, lawyer, doctor or engineer is a matter of prestige. As an engineer, you have a certain status and you are respected by everyone. You make your family and relatives proud.

– Be a Professional :

The syllabus of engineering courses around the world are considered as the most advanced kind of educational programs. They are designed to be tougher as well as educational with an objective to produce the best engineers.

Engeenierin and prototypes

Engeenierin and prototypes | Image Resource :

– Numerous choices to choose from :

If you want to be an engineer, there are numerous choices to choose from. After completing your engineering course, you can also do an MBA to develop your management and entrepreneurial skills.

Engineering Career

Engineering Career | Image Resource :

Here are the list of few engineering career option :

– Aeronautical Engineering
– Automobile Engineering
– Biotechnology
– Civil Engineering
– Computer Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
– Industrial & Production Engineering
– Marine Engineering
– Mining Engineering
– Space Technology
– Agricultural Engineering
– Architecture
– Biomedical Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– Metallurgical Engineering
– Petroleum Engineering
– Rubber Technology
– Textile Industry
– Chemical Engineers
– Environmental Engineering
– Electronics Engineering
– Genetic Engineering
– Instrumentation Engineering

Advantages of Engineering

Advantages of Engineering | Image Resource :

– Entrepreneurship :

Nobody wants to be the small employee in huge corporate companies. Often engineers branch out and start their own firms and get their own clients. Engineering trains you to be an entrepreneur by teaching you various industry norms and how to tap on a productive market.

– Intellectual Development :

An engineering course makes you technical. It upgrades your way of thinking. It also improves your problem solving and reasoning skills.


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