Exotic Experience Of Travelling From Bhubaneswar To Secunderabad

Bhubaneswar Raillway Station

Bhubaneswar Raillway Station | Image Resource : bhubaneswarbuzz.com

Sitting on a sunny morning and also being a travel buff and an adventure enthusiast, I was searching for a place of travel at this point of time. Then going and searching through numerous remote locations and also some of the tourist destinations, I finally decided to travel to Secunderabad located in Hyderabad.

Now I, Adarsh Dash, a travel geek who prefer budget travel, would not travel all the time through flights. Therefore, like other times, my friends and I finally decided to find Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad trains that would help us reach our destination comfortably and easily. There were more than 30 trains in between Bhubaneswar; yes there is where I reside, to Secunderabad.

Finally, going through some options and checking in for berth availability, we finally decided in to travel through Visakha Express. The journey was supposed to be almost 1 and a half days long, with the train covering almost 1135 km.

Hence, all packed and prepared for the journey, we reached the Bhubaneswar railway station and waited patiently for our train to arrive at the platform. Train schedule time was a bit early, but still we could make it to the station on time. As soon as it arrived, we pushed our luggage in and got things arranged. I was surprised to see the train was well maintained as compared to the other trains of the Indian Railways; even the washrooms were clean. We were 4 of us and had our berths next to each other.

Visakha Express

Visakha Express | Image Resource : cloudfront.net

The train finally departed at around 8.30 a.m. and I was excited about the journey. We also met some of the people who were from Hyderabad and got to know more about the city. I was recommended by one of them to visit Birla Mandir. Amidst all the fun and talking, I didn’t realise how two days passed by and we reached our destination at around 7.45 a.m.

Secunderabad Junction

Secunderabad Junction | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Although Secunderabad was fun, this train journey also proved to be somewhat of an incredible experience catching up with old friends.

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