The Mesmerising Architecture Of Trimulgherry Fort Hyderabad

Historic architecture and stories have always enticed me. The mythic stories and the fact that India has seen the biggest of rulers of all times, it feels just amazing. The majestic forts and the stories attached to it are spellbinding to say the least. Now that we were in Secunderabad, I insisted that we visit the Nawabi forts that are here. Our first visit was to the Trimulgherry Fort.

Trimulgherry Fort Hyderabad

Trimulgherry Fort Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Located in the Telangana District, the fort was constructed on the British Plain Lands in the year 1867. Asking from the people nearby, we found that the fort was built in for British military camping. Moving inside the fort, we could see the immense usage of granite stone and lime stone. Reading the inscribed information, we found that this fort was built by British to protect their personnel during the time of revolt. This is the reason this place, or rather a fort, till now is called in the Secunderabad Cantonment Area. Also, this is the largest cantonment area in the whole of India.

Trimulgherry Fort

Trimulgherry Fort | Image Resource :

I was surprised or rather say mesmerised to see in the architectural magnificence of this place.  The walls of this fort ran up to the height of 5-7 m and went on to the length of 5 km. This fort was built in on the Deccan Plateau, but presently it is being used as a military hospital. Moving through the fort, we got a chance to see the surrounding canal beside the fort that was almost 5 km. deep. We also saw the barracks, mess, stables, military houses and other stuff that made us go back into the British Era.

There are many known temples and churches within the radius of 1 km of this fort. One could visit them and experience the tranquillity that this place has to offer for people. One of my friends was so excited to visit the church that he kept bounding up and down till we didn’t go there.

This visit to the fort apart from being exciting was something worth learning. We stood in there for hours appreciating the architectural marvel that was present in our nation.


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