Take A Royal Tour Around The Chowmohalla Palace, Hyderabad

Now it was our time to experience the royalty of Hyderabad. While carrying forward our Hyderabad, it was time to see the tastefully built forts inside the city.

Chowmohalla Palace Hyderabad

Chowmohalla Palace Hyderabad | Image Resource : ticketmail.in

This very state has the history of containing beautiful historic pieces by legends and is a complete eye treat. Chowmohalla Palace, Hyderabad is a piece of magnificent architecture meaning four palaces built under the patronage of Nizams. This palace is included in the exquisite monuments of Hyderabad.

This beautiful palace was the seat of Asaf Jahi a Nizam, who used the place to entertain his guests and royal visitors. With a history that is filled with wonderful events of cultural evenings, dinners and receptions this place is a complete beauty to visit.

Chowmohalla Palace

Chowmohalla Palace | Image Resource : moreindia.in

The palace is split into multiple areas that one can cover during the tour around. It is situated in the midst of natural beauty. Hence, the very location is a huge advantage to the looks of this beautiful piece of architecture. The palace stretches currently up to 12 acres of land and consists of 2 major courtyards, the Khilwat and the outdoor decorations such as gardens and exquisite fountain pieces.

The southern courtyard consists of the Afzal Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Tahniyat Mahal as well as the Aftab Mahal and is the oldest part of the palace. Then comes the Northern Courtyard which comprises of the Bara Imam, which is a long stretch of corridor rooms. It also consists of the Shishe-Alat, which was used as the guest room for the officials. It is open for a visit now. The courtyard gives a magnificent view of the palace. One can visit the palace from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the morning.

Afzal Mahal at Chowmohalla Palace

Afzal Mahal at Chowmohalla Palace | Image Resource : india-seminar.com

Another impressive construction work in the palace is the beautifully erected clock tower called the Khilwat clock that has been known to be ticking since the palace was built. The council halls, Roshan Bangla, are the other halls and courtyards that are a major attraction within the place to walk around and enjoy. The construction consists of reflection from beautiful works around the world and hence is a visit worth it.

The Grand Durbar Hall popularly referred to as the Khilwat is a treat to the eye. Every inch of it is worked with passion and expertise in art and has been beautifully erected to inspire us. It was a treat especially for me and my historian friend. We were so awed by the magnificence!


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