Bolgatty Island – The Feel of Dutch Era

It was such a good feeling witnessing the Aqua tourism of the Alappuzha region. The birds, beaches, sea shores, everything was very beautiful. The pace had everything in to keep the tourists busy and in love with the place. After this I went to visit one of the most prominent attractions near the city of Kochi which is known as the Bolgatty Island.


Bolgatty Island | Image Resource :

The island is situated beside the Ernakulam Island and the Ellington Island. The journey from Kochi to the Bolgatty Island was very nice amidst the cool breeze and beautiful landscapes. The island is only a boat ride away from the city of Kochi and one can find many exotic seascapes and serene ambience.

There are many places of interest on the island but the Bolgatty Palace is the main part. The palace was built in the year 1744 by Dutch trader and it is one of the oldest Dutch palaces outside Netherlands. Later on the British took the palace on lease.  The palace is a unique combination of Indo European architecture. There are many photography points at the fort and places where one can sit in peace and solitude.


Bolgatty Palace | Image Resource :

The Palace currently comes under the supervision of Kerala tourism and sadly it looks a little neglected. The Palace can be improved in many ways so that tourists from all over the world who visit it can find all the amenities nearby. The Palace also maintains a lavish hotel and gives the guest a feel of Royal patronage. It proudly boasts of those golden days of Kerala when it was a big centre of trade with the European nations.


View of Bolgatty Palace | Image Resource :

The Bolgatty Island is a perfect place to go away from the hustle bustle and chaotic city life and enjoy peace and calm for some moments. The island can be easily reached through motorboats and other boats. Once I was done with the visit to the Bolgatty Island I headed back to my hotel in Trivandrum which was the Palm Leaves beach resort at Trivandrum, one of the most lavish hotels in the city which I had booked for this beautiful trip.



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