Bekal Fort Kerala – Historic Landmark of the State

The visit to the natural wonder of Munnar was amazing. After visiting so many awesome places in Kerala I felt like staying here only for a long time. My trip was coming to an end, so I decided to visit one last place before heading back to my place. This time I visited a historical monument in the state known as Bekal Fort.


View of Bekal Fort Kerala | Image Resource :

The fort is located at a distance of 16 km from Kasaragod which is situated at the northern tip of Kerala. It is 24 km in circumference at the base and is more than nine metres in height. The fort is said to have built in the year 1654 by Sivappa Nyaka. The place is an important resourceful and strategic destination due to which it witnessed many battles between British and Haider Ali. After the fall of Tipu Sultan, the fort fell into the hands of British.


Bekal Fort Inside View | Image Resource :

There are many amazing things inside the fort like a stairway which leads to a tunnel and opens to the outside wall of the fort facing the sea. The fort is one of the largest and well preserved structures in the state. The observation tower of the fort is another important attraction inside the fort. There are broad steps which lead to this tower. It was built by Tipu Sultan and offers a stunning view of the sea and the coastline.

The fort’s zig zag structure and entrance shows the military strategy deployed by Tipu Sultan during that time. The fort has also been used by many films as a shooting location for films, music and commercials. It was declared as a special tourism area by the govt in the year 1992.


Panoramic View of Bakel Fort | Image Resource :

The visit to Kerala came to an end after this trip to Bekal Fort at Kasaragod. I visited some of the most stunning places in the state which made my trip worth every penny spent here. The state of Kerala truly lives up to its reputation of God’s own country. I was determined to come here back again sometimes in future to relive all the moments I spent here.


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