Taking Care of Your Trekking Shoes – Tips and Tricks

Travelling is wonderful, and is even better when it is well planned. Being a travel and adventure freak, I have moved around a lot across the globe and have gained immense experience. During the travel one most important thing that I don’t forget to carry along is my trekking shoes. I learned it is quite important to carry comfortable and landscape-suited footwear to avoid unnecessary hitches and discomfort.


Trekking Shoes | Image Resource : individualtrekkingguide.com

However, it requires a little effort to keep these companions in good shape so they help you enjoy a wonderful trekking venture. Here, I am sharing a few tips and tricks with you so as to enhance the life and quality of your trekking shoes.

  • Hop into your new hiking boots and move around at home and vicinity after purchasing them. This will loosen them and mould the shoes as per the shape of your feet. Also, you will get a little used to the material. Moreover, any discomfort or misfit can be identified and you can save your hiking from getting ruined.
  • It is advisable to clean the shoes regularly. Dirty shoes tend to smell and wear off early. So always remove any dirt or sand after removing the shoes.
  • Boots should be stored in a clean and dry environment. You can also stuff some papers within each boot so that it can absorb moisture from them. This will keep the shoes clean and odor free.
  • Many people complain of foul smell from the shoes. You can get rid of them by rubbing some baking soda on the sole and dry them separately. It’s good to free the boots from any odor before storing.
  • Materials such as Gor-tex can be used to waterproof your shoes. This will make your boots absorb less moisture. This is necessary while going on a damp or wet destination.

You can also take care while trekking by avoiding walking in poodles. Leather shoes can be given some leather treatment to enhance their quality. Using these moisturizers can definitely enhance the life of your boots and you can enjoy a trouble-free trekking.

A little care of your boots can help you go on long routes with them. Good luck.


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