Visit Shimla To Soak In The Snow Clad Mountains!

I, Adarsh Dash am an avid fan of travelling and thanks to my job profile that I get immense opportunities to travel even to the remotest places. I have always travelled for work but this time I had made up my mind for some nice leisure time and so I planned an amazing journey from Cuttack to Shimla.

I am not just fond of travelling but visiting scenic places especially in the lap of nature has always been my liking, and no place can be better than Shimla! So finally, the golden moment dawned and I was all set for my much awaited journey. The distance of Cuttack Shimla route is approximately 1467 Kms and by road it almost takes 28 hours.


View of Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express AC3 Tier Coach | Image Resource :

So I decided to take three routes to reach my destiny. I chose to travel by the bbs Rajdhani Express which starts from Bhubaneshwar and ends at Delhi. I boarded the train at Cuttack and I must say though the journey lasted for almost 22 hours 45 minutes yet I had my share of enjoyment. I would get up with the beautiful aroma of eateries and the commotion of the chaiwallahs. The best part of a train journey is, that you enjoy the picturesque locations passing by your window.


View of BBS Rajdani Express | Image Resource :

After reaching New Delhi, my second phase of journey kick started. My next stop was Kalka and duration of the journey must be around 4 hours. The best part of this journey was that I was travelling by the most talked about train Kalka Shatabdi Express because it was the fastest train on the Delhi to Kalka sector. It was one of the best experiences as the train is fully air conditioned. Once your journey kick starts, there is a variety in eateries that are offered to you by the time you reach Kalka.

So, after a blissful and sound journey I reached Kalka and then came the third phase of the journey. Shimla is just 85 kms far from Kalka and it almost takes 1 hour and 14 minutes. So, I booked a taxi and I was awestruck while clicking pictures throughout my journey and I finally reached my destination without hassles. I patted my own back for choosing such a wonderful destination.


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