Toshali Royal View Resort – A Perfect Blend Of Adventure And Tranquility!

After a well spent day exploring the wildlife diaries of Lipa Asrang Sanctuary, I was very much content. I knew there are more places which I wanted to explore in Kinnaur, and so I decided to stay back. I quickly took the help of a local guide and booked a nice budget hotel.


Aerial View of Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image resource :

The hotel was small but it had enough amenities to make my stay comfortable. However, I couldn’t forget my stay at Toshali Royal View Resort, Shimla. This resort was one of the best getaways after a hectic and long journey. Located at the center of Shimla, Chail and Kufri, this resort is amidst the beautiful nature, enveloped in lush greenery. The best part is that it’s away from the crowded city and offers the best amenities for utter relaxation.


Front View, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource :

As soon as I entered the resort I was greeted cordially by the staff. The room was well equipped with amenities. My room had large window panes and as soon as I peeped out of my window I could see the beautiful valley. I really felt like I was resting in the lap of nature which made my stay unforgettable. As soon as I was all settled in the resort, I decided to explore it. The resort was a perfect package for an enjoyable stay which included a swimming pool, health club, sauna bath, gaming room and also a discotheque.


Vally View from Hotel Tohshil Royal | Image Resource :

Most importantly, the feature that caught my eye was that the resort provided adventurous activities like mountain trekking and biking along with sightseeing. I was more interested in mountain trekking and so I made a booking right away. Then I went ahead enjoyed some foot tapping music at the discotheque and enjoyed the mouth watering cuisine at the restaurant.


Royal Room, Hotel Tohshil Royal View | Image Resource :

So, the plan for the next morning was fixed and as planned I woke up early. I took a quick dip in the swimming pool and went for a nice morning walk and believe me it was truly refreshing. I then went for the much awaited adventure – the trekking. It was so revitalizing and gave me the prefect adrenaline rush which I was waiting for a long time.

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