Shimla Summer Hill Is One Step To Serenity!

My journey via taxi from Kalka to Shimla was one wonderful journey. I was awestruck with the picturesque sights on my way to Shimla. One such tourist spot that won my heart was the Summer Hill Shimla.


Picturesque View of Summer Hill | Image Resource :

The Shimla Summer Hill is an extremely beautiful and wondrous tourist spot and it falls between Kalka and Shimla. Summer Hill is also known as the Potter’s Hill as several potters would come here to pay a visit for gathering clay for making pots. When I stepped out of my car, I was astonished to see the place enveloped in the tranquil beauty of hills, which gave me peace and energy after a long tiring journey.


Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur House | Image Resource :

When I explored more I got a piece of information that Mahatma Gandhi was associated with this place. During his visits to Himachal Pradesh, he resided over at the Georgian House of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur. I was awestruck with the artistic and remarkable architecture of this place and it truly mesmerized me. My camera lens left no stone unturned in capturing the beautiful sights of this place. While clicking pictures I took a nice stroll alongside to feel the warmth of Mother Nature. The trees like pine and deodar added to the beauty of the place, but the most awesome moment was the exciting view of the snow clad mountain terrains.


Beautiful View of Rashtrapathi Niwas | Image Resource :

I took a nice stroll, clicked some amazing pictures but I couldn’t miss taking a nice enjoyable ride on the horse through the dense forest regions. I also visited Rashtrapathi Niwas, also known as Viceregal Lodge and I was enthralled to see ancient articles and photographs that date way back in the British rule in India. The architecture is so mind blowing that I am sure it is a treat for architecture lovers.

Well, Shimla Summer Hill is not just meant for tourists, but many students do flock here to get admitted in Himachal Pradesh University. This university is rich in education as it offers various post-graduate programmes in various subjects. After visiting this beautiful place, I was sure that the rest of my journey is going to be worthwhile.

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