Take Off To Heights Like A Bird With Paragliding In Manali!

Hi all of you, I am Aadarsh Dash, the civil engineer who is lucky enough to have the opportunity of visiting lots of places because of the work profile I have. I love travelling and am also a die-hard foodie, having the distinction of tasting food of nearly 200 types. I like trekking and adventure tourism. The latest on the list is paragliding In Manali.

adventure sports in manali

Paragliding Sites In Manali | Image Resource : godiscoverabroad.com

Paragliding is one adventure sport that has picked up a lot all over, and I feel Manali is best suited to undertake this activity. Just 14 kms away from Manali, is Kullu valley at Solang valley, where paragliding facilities are available all through the year.


Breakthrough View of paraglider | Image Resource : traveltriangle.com

There are other locations too at Marhi, Fatru and Bijli Mahadev. There are two kinds of flights that are available, for short flights which can be taken along with the pilot on a two seater paraglider and a high flying, which can be taken solo ,which is for the slightly experienced people.

Packaging the Thrill Of Flying High: Paragliding In Manali

What I discovered in Manali were the convenient packages offered for paragliding. The Dare Adventure has 1 night and 2 day package in Manali. The experienced staff at this activity is sure to guide one through the high as well as short flight with the greatest of comfort. It also does make provisions for the services to be custom made too.

The Himalayan Raider is one adventure club that makes good arrangements for paragliding activity that is able make one enjoy soaring over the skies in joy and thrill. The highly trained pilots make sure that the ride is safe. Here this sport has three categories. The first is the joy ride which I took. It lasted for 3 minutes and flew to height of 300 mtrs above the ground.


High Ride Paragliding | Image Resource: holidayheightsmanali.com

The next level is High ride that takes off from the slopes lasting for nearly for 8 to 15 minutes at 800 meters. The third type is the Long Ride that takes off from Gulaba or Rohtang peaks lasting for 25 minutes or 1 hour. Covering a distance of 3 kms, if offers a breathtaking view of the valleys and peaks. I definitely look forward to taking the second and third type of paragliding soon.


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