Delicious Dish Of The Week : Channa Madra Dish


Delicious Chana Madra Dish | Image Resource :

Channa Madra Dish : I had the opportunity of tasting Channa Madra which is a dish of the Himachal. It’s very tasty and the best thing is that it’s the most apt dish for vegetarians as I found that no onion or garlic is used in the preparation of this dish. It is also very healthy as it’s a yoghurt based curry.


Dish of The Week : Thalassery Biriyani


Thalassery Biriyani | Image Resource :

Thalassery Biriyani : If you are a foodie by heart, you will surely not finish any trip of yours without tasting the local food. Even I have been doing the same on all trips, even to remotest of the place. My profession gives me ample chances to visit different places. I adorn the scenic beauty and capture them through my lenses. I vividly remember having finger-licking Thalassery Biriyani in the state of Kerala. Its rich ingredients make it a special dish among the 200 types of local food that I have tasted till date.